Where’s the yarn balls, Miss?

Ere quite ago, two young ladies decided to take a trip on a sweet, old, ass…

“It seems as though it’s a calm day,” Miss Laura, daughter of Sir Kermit Cutter, noted. “But if we meet danger and are eaten by a wild boar, shark, or preying mantis, I have thy knife about a sheath affixed to my thigh. Like a garter…only dangerous.”

While the two moseyed along and met no wild boar, shark, or preying mantis that day–their ridiculous (insipid, vapid? perchance) imaginations led them to this here space, in which they would use Laura’s thigh knife as their first cutting instrument to a life of creating things, putting that aforementioned wild minding to good use.

A young girl is meant to master the arts of ladyhood–cooking, painting, letters, and needlework.

The only thing you won’t find here is singing. Oh wait, cue the pitchers of beer. There may be a bit of singing.

In all seriousness, this here blog is the newest endeavor for I, your humbly dedicated music blogger over at Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced., and most likely if you’ve already reached this space, you are a reader over there. So thank you muchly.

At Kraftworkin’ Everything Kitsch and the Kitchen Sink, me (that’s Jenna! to you) and my good friend Laura (a Smith graduate who enjoys uncommon arrangements, beef brisket, paper goods, and archiving stuff) will finally show off the work we create at weekly craft ups, where the two of us and various other crafting friends work on whatever projects we’ve got going on, and of course, blab about all the projects we have planned. We’ll share those ideas with you (the results, and maybe even some free patterns and how to’s)–and of course what comes of it; the chatter sometimes involves books, recipes, kitsch, clothes we scooped up on the cheap and other trinket trinket.

My brilliant artist sister, a one Miss Nicole C. Wolf, must get a serious thanks in this area. Not only did she draw and design our lovely banner above because she’s an artist and that means luck if you’re her sister, she also taught me how to cast on my first scarf and crochet up my first blanket. So thanks, sister Cha! You must check out her artwork at her website, it’s amazing.

So please, tell us what you think, try our recipes, beg us to make you something. We’re generous.

One response to “Where’s the yarn balls, Miss?”

  1. Best of luck with new blog, looking forward to see what you gals come up with. And kudos to your sis, nerdy artwork? Fantastic!

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