When I am an old woman…

I will sit on my front porch and scare the neighborhood children.

‘tis I, Laura, the other half of the KraftworKin’ duo. Many thanks to my compatriot, Jenna R. Wolf for her introduction on this blog just a few short days ago. Perhaps later in the day, when my coffee quota has been consumed and knitting has been momentarily set aside, I will update the “about me” section with information that is, well, about me. Until then, I leave you to surmise.

Onward. I must, I feel, provide some explanation as to the photograph that precedes this post right here. Most knitters, crafters, and other textile aficionados understand the future risks their particular avocation holds. A future, perhaps, of cats, mismatched flannels, cooking, unkempt hair and the possibility of spending one’s declining years on one’s front porch with a shotgun.

As for myself, I say we must embrace such possibilities with the addition, perchaps, of a still of moonshine or beer brewing in the closet. For what crafting session is truly complete without libations? Cue the Foreigner tunes and the unsolicited drum solos.

As my cohort has already revealed, we plan to share our adventures in crafting, reading, cooking, and other such ladylike pursuits. Since crafting occupies the hands, as it were, we take the time, with our fellow enthusiasts, to discuss the state of the world, scientific advances, and the rising cost of yarn. You better get ready.

If this blog doesn’t set crafting on its ear, I don’t know what will.

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