I’m getting even more thick…and certainly not coming up with a solution right quick.

Today I bought this most delicious green apple extra chunky loop yarn. It makes me drool like nothing else, save for maybe one of those coffee fribbles or of course an ice cold pint of i.p.a.

Any ideas for what I should knit up with this thick and quick? I’m contemplating using size 35 or 50 needles, which I also scooped up today (…my mum has often told me how she once knit up an afghan in two shakes of a lambstail on these gigantic babies, so I couldn’t resist the temptation).

Perhaps an extra thick and quick oversized winter beanie of sorts would be good, like the one featured in a pattern from CraftyCrafty I stashed away more than a year ago. While this snappy neon green yarn may be a little too “hand in light socket” for a project like this, I definitely want to knit up this brilliant cowl courtesy CopyCat.

Maybe I’ll end up a crazy crafting lady, an offshoot of the crazy cat lady of sorts, just saving and stashing away my new yarn buys never to be cast on…my crafting cohort will have to visit my abode and dig me out amidst the bags and boxes o’ woolie. Paging Horders Anonymous, methinks I don’t want to end up the star of the crafter’s version of Gray Gardens.

One response to “I’m getting even more thick…and certainly not coming up with a solution right quick.”

  1. Don’t turn into Little Edie! Knit up a delicious green apple cowl, the perfect neck-cessory for Fall ’08!

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