“Newman, with his clipped mustache and his whiskey-coated growl and his steely self-assurance, is an aristocrat of sleaze.”

La Moustache, the film. The Mustache, by Guy de Maupassant. Moustache Me, the upper lip underground, for all your fake moustaching needs. The greatest of all bearding and moustaching, in one neat package.

Call thy i-pod case? Apparently.

As most of my readers over at Pulp and Circumstance already know, I have a sick love-hate relationship with my various i-poding devices, of which I’ve named them all–my original 20giger: Bitch; my 160giger video i-pod: Silver Bullet; and my new, green 8giger video nano: Mr. Mint and the Pea.

And after stumbling upon my latest addiction, the yummy treats at Adorkable Crafts, I wish for one of my above apple babies to one day own one of these uber-drool worthy moustache i-pod cases (pictured above; $18). Yes, please?

Plus, Adorkable also has brilliant cassette tape makeup cases, horse necklaces, and a whole bunch of bags, wallets, clothing, and even paper goods. What’s more, you can keep up to date with what Bumble & Lu are adding to their wares by tracking their brilliant blog–which had me at “herrrooooow” with their newly sewn up plushy elephants.

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