Fly away, my sweet…

Yes, clearly I have a problem and need to be flown right out to space…or hinterland…with my shotgun.

Last night, while taking a break from the “serious” knitting (a winter cabled neck warmer like the one pictured here), I decided to crochet up a small amigurumi bird. What’s that you say?

For those of you who don’t already study these adorable little babies, amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small stuffed toys–whether they be animals or small anthromorphic creatures like blobs of slime and what not.

Just as this love bird was created, amigurumi are most often crocheted in a “spiral” and they take no time to make up–this L.O.V.E. bird took just but a half hour, with a twee help from my mum on the embroidery work because I exercise bouts of impatience. One of the only things about the above pattern that made me wicked was the fact I used all the proper yarns and crochet hooks mentioned in the pattern list (though it stressed that gauge was not necessary–and it really isn’t) and mine came out what seems decidedly way gigantian compared to the little birdies in the photo attached with the pattern. What’s more, the directions were shotty in parts; I hate when a pattern does not include how many stitches one has at the end of a “round”, leaving me to tedious counting and recounting. This would not be helpful for the first time crocheter or amigurumi maker–especially those who have never worked in the round.

Still, there are so many adorable amigurumi out there, that I definitely want to make more. The L.O.V.E. birdie was my first, but shall not be my last. The internets are abuzz with free patterns of drool-worthy designs, like the ones at Roxycraft, of course the ones at Lion Brand (the egg cozies are adorable and make me think already of Easter gifties) despite the poor pattern writing (luckily they are “easy” level, so its just a thorn in the ass more than anything) and of course you can never forgot the amigurumi over at hub Crochet Pattern Central.

If you want to make one of these little guys but haven’t the faintest idea how, there’s a really great three-part tutoria over at Hook & Needles which will give you all the tools (not the actual hooks and yarn, but the skills to eventually reach cuddle worthy satisfaction with your little baby).

Happy hooking. Not the street walkin’, but the crochet workin’.

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