I wanted something whimsy…

And whimsy’s what I got.

Yesterday evening, while engaging in a little film watching, I decided my eyes simply couldn’t take working with size one needles on some ribbed socks I recently cast on–and needed a switch. Not in the mood to work on my version of the Noro Garden Scarf, I decided to finally cast on using those Size 35 mumbo jumbo needles I bought about a month ago, and had some leftover salmon colored yarn with little flecks of gold and green in it that I’d used a year or so back to knit up some adorable little baby booties that I never gave to any slobbering little one.

What I got was a scarf that nearly knitted itself up in an hour–using garter stitch, I cast on 18 and ended up with a wide, large eyehole scarf that reeks of whimsy, something often described in my dress. So what could go wrong? Not a thing.

Methinks this was so easy I must make one for all my friends! Get in line; who wants a touch of whimsy in an hour or two?

File Under: Must.Stop.Casting.On.New.Projects.Have.Too.Many.Scarfs.Already!

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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