Malabri-n-go Me This!

I finally got my hands on some delicious Malabrigo yarn! Drools! While these two kettle dyed and handspun in Uruguay skeins really made my credit card sweat, let me just say,

Malabrigo yarn is smooth and soft as butter; a pure Merino worsted weight yarn well worth the $12 a hank; and might I add, I’ll even go for broke and sit and ball it much to my dismay because its that tasty (for those in the know, I get quite frustrated when I have to ball my hanks of yarn–once, breaking down in tears to my sister as I fought a gigantic hank of Israeli hand-dyed cotton that was far too impressionable to the great big, honkin KNOT!).

What’s more, Malabrigo works with generations of cattle ranchers in Uruguay to deliver the wool for their Merinos and laces; similarly, their Angoras are handspun by Native Americans in Argentina. It’s good to see my fellow Natives producing some of the most gorgeous yarns I’ve ever seen.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the yarn yet–its got hues of purple and grey in it, and I love that its color palette is slightly uneven. It may end up a gift for someone at Christmas, but I’m quite drooling to make myself a giant chunky cowl of some sort. I’m vacillating betwixt that and something a bit more dainty. What do you think?

I adore the feather and fan cowl that I first spotted at one of my favorite blogs Knitology via Stay Fancy Free, which I definitely plan on knitting up regardless of whether I use the Malabrigo. But then there’s the giant chunky cowl over at CopyCat.

File Under: I need to buy this same yarn in the Cadmium color. Covet. Covet. Covet. Oh, and I need to decide on a project.

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