Do-It-Yourself: Just Read This.

The New York Times has a really excellent piece on “The Ambassador of Homemade”, Faythe Levine, who has come to represent the epitome of handmade crafting in America.

Levine, who has her own crafting shop and gallery, is widely considered the “expert” on the phenomena that is reimergence of handmade goods here in the states and has been quoted in scholarly material up and down the river, plus, she’s the prime documentarian of D.I.Y. Nation. Drools!

The article discusses her beginnings–a felted owl and some sock monkeys–and how, at just aged 30, she’s come to represent all things Handmade Nation.

If you’re into crafting, or just New York Times profiles, this is surely a read for you.

Levine has recently completed a documentary on the crafting culture, Handmade Nation, which you can check into here, and a companion blog that goes with the film. She’s also got a really cool personal blog “I Was Born in 1977”, which I highly recommend.

And as if she couldn’t get any cooler, Faythe’s also in a band, Wooden Robot, and plays the musical saw. Golf, freaking, claps.

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