Birthdays are so succulent…

Tomorrow I join the quarter-century old club, and as a welcome gift as entrance into a life of tending to my garden, bread baking, knitting, and other granny-like endeavors (because I’m old, people!), my Mum bought me some various succulents and their new, brightly painted potted homes.

The succulents, purchased at our favorite farm, Spiderweb in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, didn’t know what some of the varieties were, but like any plant in the cacti-family, they are perfect for those of you who don’t like trimming and misting and the inevitable plant fooding. Succulants don’t require much–just some bright light every week or so, and a dribble or two of water when the soil feels quite dry, on average about every 10 days and up to more.

None of my succulents have pricklers, and the aloe plant is perfect for a dab about my cheeks or somesuch, though I never get burned so I don’t seek a few of its leaves when I’ve been in the sun. For those of you, like my cohort here at Kraftworkin’ with pale complexion, might I suggest having one of these plants in house, though.

If you want more information, Michael McDowell did a great post sometime this summer on How to Pick Out and Care for Your Succulents, which I highly recommend and often refer to if I have a burning cacti-ques.

File Under: for the “I tend to kill anything living” inclined. Or those of you who just like the way succulents look like me.

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