The roots of bread baking…

Birthdays can be such wonderful things; thanks to my latest obsession with bread baking, my sister Nicki-Cha gifted me the brilliantly large New Complete Book of Breads by Bernard Clayton, which I highly recommend for any bread baker who wants whites, ryes, sour doughs, brans, oatmeals, sweet breads, corn breads, and everything in betwixt (never mind the yummy copy of the new 30th Anniversary edition of the epic Alex Haley book Roots).

Its absolutely brilliant and I’ve been thumbing through it all morning, drooling and frothing at the mouth about all sorts of breads I want to bake up this week if the weather is fall-ish. What’s more, my Mum bought me a new Nodic Ware loaf pan, which I’ve been desiring for some time. Drools.

Any takers for the French White Bread with Chocolate? I intend to buy up some deliciously expensive chocolates tomorrow and try my hand at this.

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