It’s My Top Five…no seriously….mine.

As most of the readers probably already know, I, humble blogger, have a serious addiction to all things music, and have been blogging about said obsession for more than a year over at Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced.

Two weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers Tom over at My Top Five approached me to in fact have my own podcast for the following week–where I would pick the theme, drop My Top Five, ask for comments, and then finally hear it podcasted up.

Welp, because I have serious issues with indecisiveness, I sheepishly had to ask him for a reprieve in the 11th hour–and finally, another week and another podcast later, my own theme is finally up and ready to go!

So I really urge you kittens–if you haven’t arlready (shame on you, really!)–to head over to My Top Five this week and take a stab at my theme. Drum roll please?

It’s My Top Five Quintessential Tunes that Represent a Genre. I know, I know, long and confusing, right?

Well, basically what I’m looking for is any tune that encompass what you feel is a certain type of genre–whether it be Swedish indie pope (a genre in its own right!), techno, death metal core, punk, hardcore, jazz, heck, or even spoken word. If you were to tell a friend about any of the aforementioned genres, who would you tell them is the best outfit or musician to take a gander with? What tune would you point them to that would represent how you feel about that genre?

It was nearly impossible–and absolutely painful–for me to keep it down to five bands/musicians and genres. But, I tried desperately to stay away from obvious ones–like indie pop or punk, so that we can aim for serious diversity in the podcast.

So here’s mine–an odd-ball gander around a few genres that I quite like–and please be sure to go leave your suggestions.

5. Gang Starr – Soliloquoy of Chaos (early hip-hop)
4. Juan Atkins as Cybotron with Rick Davis – Alleys of Your Mind (the birth of techno in Detriot)
3. Daniel Miller as The Normal – Warm Leatherette (post punk DIY oddball basement electronica)
2. Henry Thomas – Fox and The Hounds (Early African-American blues)
1. Pulp – Common People (Britpop)

To all my friends, I better hear from you. And a giant thanks to Tom at My Top Five for giving me the chance.

Oh, check out his other blogging baby–Nerdrock.

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