Fig. Lemongrass. Cilantro. Wheat. Cranberry. Citron. Me wants to eat these yarns they are so delicious!

I am finally getting around to posting photos of my favoritiest scarf I’ve knit up in awhile. Quite frankly, it was so simple its almost unfair–garter stitch the whole way, worked up on a whopping pair of size 50 knitting needles, which alleviated any “this project has been cast on for ages, let me just finish it already!” moments because it took less than a day to finish. Ah, biggie needles, why do you have to treat me so swell?

I used the Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn in “Citron”, which is a super bulky weight, but depending on what you pair it with, it can look yellowish or greenish, which I love, love, love about this scarf. What’s more, while the knit is huge, rendering this scarf filled with holes, the yarn is so dense, its warmer than warm. I mean, take it to the Antarctic, and photograph yourself in it while there. Me kids nots.

It took but one skein of the Thick and Quick to finish–so if you’ve got multiple skeins of this stuff laying around like I do, you’ll be sure to have Christmas gifts for friends in no time…and believe you me, they’ll be asking for one if you’re caught wearing this around.
And clearly, I’m so obsessed with this yarn because I’m using the “Fig” for a super-bulky Anthropologie inspired cardigan I cast on a few days ago, which is coming along swimmingly despite being seriously side-tracked from working on it the last couple of days.

I bumped into a friend, Ashley, the other day at library school and she gushed over this here neck friend, and has asked me to do one up for her. I intend to use “Lemongrass” for hers; but I’ve also got some skeins of “Navy”, “Cranberry”, “Wheat”, and “Butterscotch” calling to me to. Any takers?


  1. Library school? Does this mean you are attending a school from which you will graduate and become a librarian? This is what my goal is, too… assuming it is your goal at all. If it’s not, well now you already learned something about me!

    Any takers, any takers… What do you mean by this? Are you selling the yarn, or are you gonna knit one of these up for a lucky someone? Or maybe you mean we ought to suggest which color for you to use. In that case, I suggest… Well, I’d have to see the yarn. Citron sounds good right of hand, though..


  2. Yes– I am nearly finished my M.L.I.S.–in the final stretch of the two years, as it were.

    Suggestions for colors a must–and yes, for those I bump into on a regular basis, I in fact would knit them up one of these yummy scarves is what I meant by “any takers”.

    Thanks for reading.


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