Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy Jane. She wants a drink of water?

Today has been one of the most relaxing Mondays I’ve ever had, which kicked off with copious amounts of coffee and the smell of homemade cinnamon toast baking in the oven. Rolling out dough can be one of the most relaxing exercises, even though it doesn’t seem like it…and clean-up is never actually relaxing, for sure.

But the subsequent coffee and buttery toast is the most ultimate gratification one could ever get on a relaxing Monday, really. And especially while waiting for the sheets to be freshly laundered.

What’s more, my good friend Steve gifted me several copies of some mix cassette tapes he made way back when–and the even more exciting news is, never mind that the tunes are excellent, but they were gifted me in their traditional reel rewind tape form. Hurrahs!

Thanks to Steve, I’ve had excellent background pleasuring while working on a new hat–which is moving along swimmingly and I couldn’t be more pleased with the peachy color of the merino, which boasts a bit of a tweed undertone. I haven’t decided whether to have the hat come to a high point and boast a pretty sick pom-pom of sorts, or perhaps attaching kitty cat ears instead. Any thoughts?

I’ll post a photo once the hat is completed, but not before contemplating what exactly I should make up with these delicious chocolate chips I’ve got on hand.

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boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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