It’s never a debate whether these will leave you satisfied…

Yesterday was gray and pouring and generally one akin to a few blues here or there, and you know what the pefect medicine is?

Visiting your sister and experiencing her homemade tortillas. They are truly heaven on earth–and warm right on the tortilla press is just yet another reason to be thankful for existence.

So, in order to ward off the blues, and to get in food coma pre-Presidential Debate prep mode, she made her homemade avocado-cilantro-jalapeno salsa to top on these babies and the whole thing was capped off with Queso Frier, which is cheese you simply fry up in the skillet without any oil needed and the cubes come off the heat tasting like a melty grilled cheese sandwich. Uber drools.

File Under: I’ll be sure to pass on these recipes to all you drooling kittens in due time, just as soon as I’ve emerged from the highly satisfying food coma I am still under. You’ll never eat store bought tortillas…again.

(And if you didn’t already know, not only is my sister a brilliant cook, but an artist to boot. So if you’re interested, go check out her work, will you? I mean, you’ve already seen her above skill. Aren’t you curious?)

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