A pair of slippers, sir, to put on when you’re weary…

Could I love anything more right now?

Well, if someone miraculously showed up with a delicious meal–like fish n’ chips with malt vinegar or a giant fruit salad crafted into some quirky shape, like a giant piggie.

That being said, and no one currently ringing my doorbell, I’m left to gush to you over these amazing knitted booties, which my Mum gifted me yesterday because she’s swell and probably felt bad about my massively swollen, infected finger, which has rendered me useless on the knitting and cooking front (though I already think I’m ready to get back on the crafting wagon, I’ll appease and give it another day).

These booties are not only warm, they are deliciously adorable and comfy as hell. I have insanely small feet and none of these things ever fit me properly, thus left to the dusty back of my closet until Spring cleaning when I eventually turn them over to someone who would be grateful to put them to good use. But it is not the case with these babies. They are snug as can be despite their standard “small” size.

I like the idea of booties because slippers often give me sore feet or leave them too hot and sweaty. What’s more, these have gripping bottoms and pom-pom drawstrings on the side, so they are way more exciting then slippers, too.

It has now inspired me to come up with a pattern to make copy cats of these for everyone I know. As soon as I give it a whirl, I’ll let you know. In the meantime…

File Under: Fabulous Footsies for Winter makes me pleased muchly. Expect to see me in these all winter. That is, if you actually hang about my place…

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