Badg-er me?

I have long had a thing for badges. The one-inch babies are so sweet and can make any simple outfit, welp, have a bit o’ flare. I’ve always sported band badges, declaring my love for all things punk, indie, and the like; Minor Threat, The Fall, Bad Brains, Black Flag, Pulp…you get the picture.

But what’s come into fashion of late are badges not for bands or slogans like “Feed the Children” and “I Read Banned Books”, nevermind the ages old political buttons, but designs reminiscent of vintage fabrics and florals, as well as tags for favorite authors. I’ve made everyone I know similar buttons–like Flannery O. and Dorothy Parker and George Orwell. But I’ve expanded my empire, creating paisleys, 60s florals, mod faces, and even owls, which are drooled over in the crafting world of late for some reason.

In order to make badges, you probably already know you need a clunky, albeit seriously expensive, button machine–mine gifted to me last Christmas from my Mum. Some of you may say, “who has a button maker just lying around?” If you are a badge wearing freak, it’s actually an excellent investment. For instance, always wanted to sport that badge declaring your love for Daniel Miller as The Normal but could never find one in record shops? Welp, now you can have one: boom, badge complete!

There’s minimal work involved…you can cut out pictures from magazines, or print them off the computer. You can make them up using some computer paint program (which I did for piggies and Canadian bird watching badges last spring) or even fabric, which is something I’ve been giving a whirl of late.

So, if you’ve got ideas in mind or have ever just desperately wanted a badge you could never find, let me know. I’d be more than willing to make you up some.

File Under: Please don’t badg-er me…just wear my badges.

Fabric Badges, Various Mixed Scrap Fabrics

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