Thrum, Thrum, Thrum…Yum, Yum, Yum.

I have been sitting on this honkin’ pile of candy colored roving for months now, with no idea what to do with it save for I originally thought I might felt up some kitschy little items with it.

Until now.

For those who don’t already know, roving is a bundle of fiber that is often eventually spun to create worsted weight yarn. I thought about spinning this stuff up to make my own cool original handspun, but that seemed too complicated at the time.

And now, I don’ thave to worry about all that complication because I’ve decided I want to knit up these thrummed mittens, which use roving! Yaysies! Thrummed mittens use roving weaved through stitches already completed to make adorable top stitches in different colors, often creating those random v’s you’ve probably seen on mittens in the past.

I’ve never thrummed before but I’m pretty confident I can pick it up quickly. And there’s a first for everything anyways. I’ll probably end up in a fit of rage with roving pulled all over the floor around me when it gets right down to it, but I really like to prop myself up before tackling a new skill.

File Under: Thrum, Thrum, Thrum…sometimes a drum roll is best at the start of a new project.

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