Nothing chocolate…nothing gained?

For some reason, I had a serious hankering to whip up a new cookie recipe featured in the October issue of Everyday Food by Martha Stewart, which not only has death by chocolate desserts, but delicious looking one pot wonders and yummy talapia which make me drool.

Everyday Food is one of my favorite monthly recipe magazines, because it features a lot of really easy dishes, and ones that are good to make for eating alone, which is a difficult feat–there’s nothing to make you never make a recipe again when you’re eating it for leftovers about an entire week.

And while I usually don’t tackle most of the desserts because I don’t fancy uber-sweet nothings often (and where I can save my waistline, I try hardest), I decided my love of coffee and chocolate could not un-tempt me to try the Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies, which features a whole honkin’ lot of dark bittersweet chocolate, espresso powder, and cocoa–never mind the dark chocolate pieces meant to be cut up and thrown in the batter before baking.

Might I say this recipe has a few more steps than the average cookie recipe I’m accustomed–for instance, you must melt 4 oz. of your chocolate for the batter, and as the recipe suggests, the best way to melt a perfect bowl of chocolate is not nuking the shit out of it in the microwave but working it in a double boiler on the stove. I highly recommend you do it this way–you’ll never have burnt chocolate (unless you walk away and leave it for hours), which stinks up the house so bad it takes ages to get the smell out, kind of like curry.

Nonetheless, it took me under and hour to get the whole thing completed, and the smell of uber-chocolately brownie like cookies wafted through my living room leaving me drunk on chocolate. I have to say, though, even for this coffee-dark-choco-loving freak, these babies are too sweet for me. However, I am not a good guide for desserts like this, since I tend to like, for instance, my strawberry shortcake served up traditional New England style, with no sweetened biscuits and pureed strawberries without added dashes of sugar. So, I think for the extra sweet toother, this is just the cookie, really.

I would suggest, however, that the addition of some kind of nut–like walnuts–would be most helpful to cut some of that chocolate. Perhaps if I make them again…

File Under: Will be gifting these to everyone I know. Waistline saved, once again.

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