Stashing away a list of must-have projects…

Tonight, as I prep for debate watching (and screaming and stamping my feet every time McCain does that bullshit where he snickers like the narcissist he is, gag.heave.vomit.puke.repeat.), I’ve decided to dip into a new bowl of random stash yarns…they are so tempting, I’ve got plenty of projects in the pipeline with these….

I’m drooling over this latest lacey Beret design from SockPixie.

The amazing tweaked rib Really Warm Hat from Knitting School Dropout. (must have!)

Ooo! The delicious Slouchy from Presents Knits (…and other things). It’s in deep competition, though, with the Kilter hat, which is so yummy!

The absolutely sweet Pop-Tart Cell Phone Cosy from Bitter Sweet.

Winter Worms, inspired by Smosch. There’s no pattern, but taking a quick look at these, I can already tell how they should be made up! Yumsies. So adorable.

Comfy looking Mary Jane Slippers from Purl Bee.

A Hallowig for the upcoming festivities, courtesy Knitty!

Ham, why you gotta be so cute? A little piggie from Crochetville.

Float on a cloud? Yes sir, from Imaginary Wardrobe.

And how could I forget? The chicken gobble goble hat, thanks to Craftster.

Anyone have any favorites? Rank what order I should make these in?

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