Favorite Finds: Reason Number 1,576 to Adore Kitsch Tees.

So as I procrastinate on this “Holiday Dedicated to Observing The Lack of Realization that us Natives lived here first and did exist when Columbus ‘discovered’ the Americas” writing papers for library school, I decided might as well surf the internets in search of tees that will not only declare obscene things about my future profession (so close, so close) but also those things in which I wish were my professions.

Like knitting. These tees at cafe press, like the “Librarians Give it Away for Free” (pictured above in mint/avocado, $21) and “Will Knit for Beer” (pictured below, yellow, $20.99) are just absolutely amazing.

I must have them. Must. I will save my pennies, my silver coins, my hang around change, in order to get these, wear them, broadcast that I’m a knitting librarian, and make everyone feel uncomfortable or think I’ve really lost in lately, since I would normally never wear such a thing.

Well, now I do.

Pictured Above: “Will Knit for Coffee” (yes, I will do such things), light blue, $20.99

File Under: I will wear these in public to embarass you, my kittens.

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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