Breaking the loaf in half?

The Atlantic has a great article called “Half a Loaf: When Bakers Break Up, Who Gets Custody of the Recipes?” by Corby Kummer in the October 2008 Issue.

It’s an intriguing piece on recipe sharing, recipe creating, and partnership–what happens when that ends? Do you split the recipes in half? Does one take them all? Of course, this focuses on professional bakers who find themselves falling for other professional bakers, and thus entering into romantics, and er, business, which is never a good idea regardless.

But it’s a really interesting question all the way around, so I urge everyone to check it out.

Thanks to my good friend Una for the heads up, as it made her “Articles of the Day” yesterday.

File Under: Good Thing Every Romantic Relationship I’ve Had Never Boasts My Better Half a Serious Baker, or Cook, for that matter.

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