No “hair holder” needed for this braid… (yes, no one’s to understand but this gifty’s recipient)!

I have been casting on and casting off an emerald green self-striping tweed scarf for my good friend Mackenzie for as many weeks now and I can finally post about it since I gave her a preview today to make sure she likey likeyed. What started out as a “honeycomb” cable felt way too stiff (I hate a stiff scarf, I like it to fall nice and relaxed and lumpy and lazy) and has since turned into this drool-worthy Cabled Braid scarf–a pattern which is available for free over at Butterfly Morning–and I couldn’t wax anymore poetic over the brilliance of this scarf.

The tweed, easy color change yarn I’m using is soft and pliable yet chunky enough to take perfectly to this braided scarf. Butterfly Morning said the pattern could be adapted to using smaller needles when creating the edge ribbing so that when the cabling shrinks the scarf width, the ribbing at bottom doesn’t look bigger. So, tis what I did.

I cast on using size 10.5 needles before I switched to size 13 needles for the cabling section. This scarf knits up quick and is coming along quick and its making me gush so much that I plan on knitting up a whole bunch more of these for everyone I know as Christmas gifties.

I plan on making Mackenzie’s scarf–and any subsequent scarves–extra long so it can be wrapped around the neck twice, because then it will be even more cosy and warm. Yup.

File Under: Honestly, who doesn’t want one of these?

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5 thoughts on “No “hair holder” needed for this braid… (yes, no one’s to understand but this gifty’s recipient)!

  1. Thank you muchly! I was actually extra surprised at how well it picked up the braid and the tweed didn’t get lost in the cable.

    Appreciate you reading! I love your blog.

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