Cowling under the pressure of cold? Perhaps!

As I mentioned last week, I’ve gone on a serious cowl knitting bender. It’s turned into an addiction and a new area in which I can flex my knitwear design muscle.

But, in order to kick it off, I went back to the Life is Uneven Cowl and knitted another up in “Lemongrass” this time, which really pops against purple or some other delicious contrasting color. I intend to gift everyone I know who wears cowls one of these babies because they are more like fancy neckwear than knitwear or scarf-wear. I’m not sure if I’ll keep “Lemongrass” for myself or give it off…but I’m certainly going to have one of these; but most likely the “Citron” one will stay in my possession.

After such satisfaction with the aforementioned knitted piece, I decided to try my hand at my own design. And boom! Out came the “Deliciously Thick Not So Balaclava Warmer”, which is absolutely amazing if I do say so myself!

Still knitting with nothing but Fisherman’s Fool and that amazing temptress the Thick n’ Quick, I also knitted this up using Size 17 Needles and an ever-so-thrilling “Mock Brioche Rib” (in a vibrant “Pumpkin” color), which was settled for after my “Brioche Rib” was causing me not only to rip my hair out, but the yarn over and over again, which if anyone knows, ends up making great big fuzzy ball of the skein, and that’s not pleasant for end results. The “Mock Brioche Rib” is so easy and looks nearly cabled, without all the hastle. Plus, while tedious, I took to making sure the stitches were super tight so no air would come through–this is no decoration piece, my kittens, this is pure warmth.

I wore it to work today, and I have to say, success! My neck was not a moment cold, and if I wanted to hide my face from my computer, welp, hide away I did.

File Under: Expect to cowl in pain in that Boston wind if you don’ get me to knit you up one of these.

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3 thoughts on “Cowling under the pressure of cold? Perhaps!

  1. Perhaps sure! But I’m swamped for a few days…after that, I can write up a .pdf pattern to the best of my memory of what I did since I just sort of created it organically. Sound ok? Thanks for reading!

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