Socktoberfest? So long as I have a pint of some Oktoberfest along for the ride.


So remember how I mentioned the other day that November may become my very own Socktoberfest? Welp, I think that is a possibility because I’ve cast on yet another pair of self-striping socks, done up in a simple 1/2-inch rib and the standard stockinette stitch.

Because I had issues with the first pair seemingly too slouchy and more akin to slippers (which in fact they will be fine for a man or someone with slightly larger feet than I–which isn’t a stretch really, since I probably have the world’s smallest adult size foot for its not adult sized at all!), the new pair are cast-on with 10 less sitches and while they wouldn’t be snug on me, they will be on someone else. The striping on the yarn is nice and bold, with reds, yellows and blacks, I’m pretty pleased with it, actually.

The heel is finally done on blue and gray socks and I’m nearly to the toe shaping so hurrah! Despite the fact they look gigantic, I think they’ll be squishy perfect and an easy, breezy, unassuming socky sock. I refuse to rip these back but I have to go about fixing a dropped stitch near the heel from trying them on and off…oof!


File Under: You’ll have to line up for a pair of these since I’m not an all-year sock knitter.

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