Yep, it’s Socktoberfest in November.



I finished one of the socks I cast on, what, within two weeks of original start date? What is wrong with this picture?! Anyways, they are perfect. Whilst they look quite big in this photo, a measurement of sorts indicates that they will be the most fitting slouchy sock for a woolie fanatic.

And the self-striping reds, blacks, blues, and yellows are a nice change from some of the more standard sock yarns in blues and greys.


Because I was so pleased (considering this is the first set of socks I’ve done in regular stockinette in which I did not follow a pattern, cast on the amount of stitches I thought were good, and of course, adjusted the heel, instep, and toe stitches!), I decided to immediately cast-on the second sock (as I have a habit of getting bored and only making one).

I’m so proud.


File Under: November most certainly is my Socktoberfest!

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4 thoughts on “Yep, it’s Socktoberfest in November.

  1. They look great! I really like the way the colors ‘pop’ without being lost in over-patterning. (Is that a word?!)

    Most of all – my highest praises for immediately starting the second sock. Truly impressive!

  2. thank you much!

    I thought the yarn was patterned enough so I kept the socks a simple stockinette stitch to show it off—plus, I knew if I did an elaborate cable, they’d never get finished and I most certainly wouldn’t have cas ton the second one right away.

    Thanks for reading–my posts have been lackluster and infrequent of late…my apologies but expect it to pick up as soon as I’m done my final papers for library school.

  3. That is the coolest sock ever. Although I’m impressed that you immediately began the second sock, I sort of like the first one as a stand-alone. It could live on the coffee table as a conversation piece or objet d’art. Or you could frame it as part of a sock series and make a gallery of single socks.

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