“The rhythm of the weekend, with its birth, its planned gaieties, and its announced end, followed the rhythm of life and was a substitute for it.”


There’s nothing better than a quiet morning of coffee sipping, newspaper reading, podcast listening, and of course, finishing up some of those projects that have been on the needles just gasping to be bound off for ages.

And that’s what’s happening in these parts of Boston, on a gray, foggy Saturday. It’s been unseasonably warm (60 degrees!) but spitting a light shower the last couple of days, and that always begs me to knit…but alas, I’ve been busy with school and work and haven’t had a chance to just block it all out and get my fingers working (still debating whether I can make this whole knitting thing a career one day!).

This scarf is being knit up with an absolutely thrilling red-gray-green-brown colorway that is so drool worthy in person, I want it for myself. Alas, its intended for another, and another will look splendid in it, I hope. It’s a brilliant cashmere-woolie and its the perfect scarf to show off in a dank, dark, Boston pub, which was my intended goal. Gush!

I’m knitting it on size 15 needles with a simple K1P1 rib–this so the colorway isn’t lost in some elaborate pattern, and if you’ve ever wanted a scarf to appear stockinette stitch on both sides but don’t want to knit it in a tube and don’t want to block a scarf that will inevitabely begin to curl again in a few months time, this is the perfect knitting stitch pattern for you. The K1P1 rib keeps it flat and uncurlable (is that a word?) no matter what, yet looks like stockinette on both sides. Its beautious!

And so, I hope you do as I do today…knitting pub scarves and sipping coffee. I highly reccommend you enjoy The Uncensored History of the Blues Podcast this morning, which has just done one on “President’s Blues”. I’ve written about it over at my first love, the music blog, Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! if you want more information.

Happy Saturday!


Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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