Cowl under this one….too!


Last weekend, while giving my friend Sarah her first knitting lesson (to which she picked it up incredibly fast, managed to keep at it all week, and has had zero questions since day one! impressive!), I decided to cast on and knit up a really quick super thick n’ bulky cowl, and I have to say the results are so yummy I couldn’t be more pleased.

Using an extra thick extra thin in places yarn with an incredibly bold grape colorway that I randomly found three skeins of at some knitting store on clearance, I knit this puppy up on Size 35 needles using a simple garter stitch the whole way (it’s my latest addiction, this chunky garter stitch!) and seamed up the side.


It can be worn like a necklace, too, only a giant chunky yarn necklace, or double wrapped into a tight neckwarmer leaving the possibilities and decisions about how to rock it innumerable, but its so cool nonetheless and when I wore it out to Sully’s Tap last Saturday night, compliments abounded. I have since decided to call it “The Great Grape Ape”, and I think the name suits.

Expect to see me out and about in this neckpiece many a time this winter. I am hoping to find a similar yarn to this grape ape certainly, but apparently its a discontinued yarn and so I can’t get the exact one in different colors. Boo! But fear not. I will find an excellent substitute and be sure to knit up plenty of them for my friends–I know Sarah coveted one of these woolie wonders, and so, she gets top billing.


File Under: Everyone else, take a number.

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