Full-Coverage Cowl….you’ll “cowl” into a corner if you can’t own one of these.


Can I please, please, please gush on how absolutely beyond satisfied I am of this extra chunky cowl I recently designed and knitted up?

Not only is the brilliant yellow-green color phenomenal in person, it is so g.d. warm. I’ve warn it a couple of times since I completed it last week, and I have to say I couldn’t be warmer. The best part is you can wrap it around your neck a couple of times for added bulk, and while  most cowls are simply decorative, this is merely warmth. Delish.

I like that I don’t have to fuss with the end of a scarf and try and keep it wrapped. This puppy never shifts out of place and not a single gust of wind gets up under it. I used a mock brioche rib stitch since I am currently too obsessed with this stitch pattern to use anything else…though I think this type of cowl would take to any kind of ribbed stitch.

Plus, you can wear this baby a whole bunch of ways.


Case in point?


Last weekend there was a brilliant high tide thanks to the former full moon and while it wasn’t nearly cold like it is this week, the sea breeze was a whippersnapper and there wasn’t a bit of beach in sight thanks to flowing waters. Some great shots of the cowl were achieved in the wind, with the crazy green sea water in the background. I think these photos will be saved until I get my Etsy up and running and start selling these babies…

So unitl then…start thinking about what color you want custom knit because they’ll eventually be available in my shop!

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

3 thoughts on “Full-Coverage Cowl….you’ll “cowl” into a corner if you can’t own one of these.

  1. Your firing squad pose made me giggle. The versatile cowl could also be a sash, or turban, or figure-eight style halter top… endless possibilities! I’m excited for your forthcoming etsy success and glorious escape from library drudgery!

  2. Mackenzie, I am making you one of these and INSISTING you wear it in figure eight style halter fashion. No ifs ands or buts. And you have to do it while giving your business instruction session to a bunch of stuffy librarians. C’mon, it can be justified in your program of course…freshman in college need incentive, right? MackD librarian in a figure eight knitted halter? Check, and Check. Screw those USB’s with the Library’s Logo and Website emblazoned upon…those are a thing for all those losers not squarely in 2008.

    Um….I’m not for sale, unfortch, but thanks for the flatter. You could do me a solid by buying up one of these cowls (when they become available) for any adorable brunette…she will love you, in that case.

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