You’ll really push my buttons if you don’t help me decide…


I am so pleased with how well the leaves and lace panel is coming out for the Presto Chango Sweater. The button holes run up the seed stitch border pattern, making them nearly invisible which I like so much. I’m nearly done the panel–just two more repeats of the leave pattern, which shouldn’t take but a bit more of the afternoon.

But what does everyone think for the buttons? There are four of them along each side of the outside border of this panel….should I go with a bold color or keep it simple and do a variation on white/off white? Shiny? Flat color? I was almost thinking, it may sound strange, but a red, yellow, or green colored button may make this sweater pop. Still, I don’t know if they will take away from the gorgeous lace pattern…no button should ever outshine leave panels….if it were straight stockinette stitch, I’d say it would need the punch, but in this case, maybe it doesn’t?

Suggestions needed before I purchase the buttons tomorrow!

2 responses to “You’ll really push my buttons if you don’t help me decide…”

  1. a white/off-white shiny button would be classic
    but i also like your idea of a green – maybe you could find a yellowish/green color to keep with the blending of the sweater but still give it a little something extra!
    hope this helped a bit =]

  2. Well now, the only button in the world fit for this showertastic baby sweater is linked here:

    Yes: the classic Brooks Bros. wooly lamb.

    But good luck finding. …

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