Woody Allen says if you travel faster than the speed of light, you’d lose your hat. What happened here, then?


Delish! I am so quick to get things on and off the needles these days. What is wrong with me? Oh, it may be the insane cold-snap whirling its way through Boston at the moment. Last night downtown along Canal Street, not a soul was out…Sully’s Tap was basically empty, and The Fours was quiet but a good quiet, the kind of quiet perfect for those willing to bundle up and brace the cold for a Black and Tan.

That being said, I finally finished the “Unoriginal Hat” by The Yarn Harlot, but of course, I put my own twist on it. I was originally going to put earflaps on it but because I increased the gauge and the yarn size, I decided the effect I was trying to achieve would not look swell with some ear flaps, but instead just a straight pom-pom affixed atop.


I increased the cabled and worked a different decrease so the hat is long and elfin like. I adore it. It fits perfectly, does not slide off the head, and the elfin pointy top does not fall…it stays straight on end and absolutely adorable. The cabling looks more elaborate than it is (with these open and close O’s and the standard two-stitch crossover) but it looks amazing on a hat.

I’m incredibly pleased despite my hesitation while making it. I was afraid my adjustments wouldn’t work out and I’d either never gift it out or wear it, or perhaps yank the entire thing out. I couldn’t be more suprised at my newly found alteration skills. Ususally, I mess it all up.

What do you guys think? I plan on making these for everyone I know as a Christmas gift. It took but a day and the yield is high. I’m sure they’d make excellent Christmas morning stocking stuffers. Yes?


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