Success in fake socktoberfest!


I finally finished both socks! Over the holiday, I got some serious knitting done (after finally completing all things baby I had to do for a baby shower that has since come and gone) and one thing I dedicated much of my time to was getting things off the needles before casting on others.

And I can say, I’m really pleased with the final result of these socks, which got me thinking my November would actually be the Socktoberfest, which hasn’t failed to prove true.

These gifties are a great success, I have to say. Worked in a simple stockinette stitch, I didn’t follow a pattern unfortunately (for fortunately?) but if you want any help with doing something similar or need advice on finger weight yarn or any adapations, by all means let me know.

File Under: Good thing it’s finally Decemember which means there’s a need for these toastie footies.


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