No one even stirring…except me, that is. Over the brownie bowl.


Sometimes, it’s nice to be up when no one else is. Especially living in the city, while theoretically there are handfuls and handfuls of people up and about, it feels entirely peaceful, like you are the only one still blinking.

Alas, that is what I did last night since I had no obligations or work this morning. And it was just as I thought–I spent the evening reading, catching up with the newspapers and crosswords, as well as whipping up a batch of gooey fudge brownies because when you’re drinking coffee late into the dark and you’ve got a hankering, why not? Plus, I can say here with absoluteness that brownies and coffee are way better than brownies and milk. So remember that.

What’s more, I caught up on some dormant knitting projects that have a deadline looming, as well as cast-on something new, which will be gifted to my Mum for Christmas (but more on that later).

And when you’re up late, you start thinking crazy. Or thinking deep. Whichever you want to convince yourself of. But I started examining all things brownie. I thought of deep-dish brownies, I thought of famed jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, known affectionately as Brownie. And I thought about how I’m the only person on the planet that prefers the crusty, hard, chewey edges of a brownie, rather than the creamy, sticky center ones.

Clearly, though, I’m not the only odd-ball, since some genius has come up with the “Edge Brownie Pan”, which I now desire, madly. It’s billed for “Edge Lovers” and created by BakersEdge. Kind of love it.

File Under: If I’m the only one I know that likes Edge Brownies, does that mean if I own this special baking pan, that I’d be forced to eat the entire tray?

[Clifford Brown brilliantly does “Oh, Lady Be Good” and “Memories of You”, circle 1955.]

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