“For those of you who like to scarf your popcorn in the sack, the good news is that Newman’s Own contains an aphrodisiac.”


Some nights are about stuffing oversized handfuls of popcorn in your face, hibernating from the whipping wind, and finishing up some projects that have been on the needles for a shamelessly long time. And so, after a busy day running around on Saturday, I came home, collapsed on the couch, decided to embark on a ridiculously bad film fest which included every cheesy mid-2000s teen flick and then an attempt to pay homage to my beloved Doris Day with “Move Over Darling” to cleanse my film flicking palattee. And cleanse it did.

And helped me to finished the Braided Tweed Scarf I’d been making for my good friend Mackenzie for months now (slaps own hand for the absolutely sad length of time it’s taken me to complete this task), which needed a few more cabled rows, a ribbed edging, and ends to be weaved in before I could officially declare the project a success.


There’s nothing more pleasurable than staying up late, barely anything stirring, and working my hands to complete gifties for some of the more special people in my life, and this was no exception.The next day, Mackenzie and I had a huge day planned–amidst the threat of snow showers, we planned ahead to attend Bazaar Bizarre over at the Castle downtown to try and scoop up maybe one delicious handmade gift for a Christmas offering (…but more on that later), so I knew I wanted to gift her the scarf in time to protect her neck from any impending ice-flakage.

I’m so pleased with the final results. Mackenzie was, too.


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