Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast? So says Mr. Wilde.

Yesterday, Mackenzie (who brilliantly dressed herself as Russell Brand for Halloween time this year) and I tried to descend on Bazaar Bizarre to check out all the great crafters’ wares, but instead, we were shut out. What’s that you say? Yes, we descended on the Castle around 4ish and found, much to our annoyance, a massive line (massive!) of like-minded crafters showing off their handknit creations in hat form (…a devil horned cap, a weird cloche that was distracting)….and it was snowing. And gray. And cold. And if you know Boston, this combination of issues: massives lines, gray skies, spitting snow, oh the wind! can’t forget the wind, and various extra special pubs around the way that tempt easily, as well as stomachs filled with delicious breakfast, you’d skip out on the Bazaar, too.

And so we did.

But the day started off swimmingly. Mackenzie delighted in wearing her new Braided Tweed Scarf which I finished the night before, although I have to say its not as pretty as the red-pink colorway scarf she was sporting when she arrived–a gift she scooped up for herself on her travels in Spain. We decided to brave the Sunday brunching crowds and attempt to get a table at Trident Booksellers, which is an incredible bookshop with a cafe (serving breakfast all day! and booze!) to gorge ourselves on eggs, bottomless coffee, and such.


We got lucky. Mackenzie brilliantly ordered the Monte Cristo Breakfast sandwich, and I lived vicariously through her slow bites and licked lips since I’m off the bacon/Canadian bacon/hamage products. It looks splendid, but mine was equally as good–my favorite breakfast item, eggs benedict, but this with spicy avacado/jalapeno spread, rather than the standard pork product underneath. It was one of the best eggs benedict brunches I’ve ever had.


File Under: Brunching on a snowy day with splendid company is better than blowing money on handmade goods, right? I mean, even dull people are brilliant at breakfast…or so says Oscar.

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