A Muppet Christmas Carol? It involves pigs and humbug, right?


Happy (…almost) Christmas, kittens! Sorry you have heard nary a peep from this blog in recent weeks; I have been swamped with work and knitting for gifties that I haven’t had a moment to sit down and write a single thing.

What’s more, I can’t post much these days because most of the projects on the needles will be gifted out in as many days, and don’t want to spoil the surprise.

However, all my Bostonites, as we sit blanketed with several thousand pounds of snow (and a slimmer waistline after hours and hours of shoveling out), there’s nothing better than warming up by a tree. And mine is no different. But mine is small enough that you can actually hug it and get your arms all the way around (…case in point?). Covered in little pearl lighted balls, mini pickles, eggs, and of couse, pigs, it’s quite the perfect little tree.

Don’t you think?

1 Comment

  1. The photo of you embracing your Christmas tree is the most charming thing I’ve seen… possibly ever. The fancy piggies and mini-gherkin ornaments were an inspired choice by the gentleman.

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