No one even stirring…except me, that is. Over the brownie bowl.


Sometimes, it’s nice to be up when no one else is. Especially living in the city, while theoretically there are handfuls and handfuls of people up and about, it feels entirely peaceful, like you are the only one still blinking.

Alas, that is what I did last night since I had no obligations or work this morning. And it was just as I thought–I spent the evening reading, catching up with the newspapers and crosswords, as well as whipping up a batch of gooey fudge brownies because when you’re drinking coffee late into the dark and you’ve got a hankering, why not? Plus, I can say here with absoluteness that brownies and coffee are way better than brownies and milk. So remember that.

What’s more, I caught up on some dormant knitting projects that have a deadline looming, as well as cast-on something new, which will be gifted to my Mum for Christmas (but more on that later).

And when you’re up late, you start thinking crazy. Or thinking deep. Whichever you want to convince yourself of. But I started examining all things brownie. I thought of deep-dish brownies, I thought of famed jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, known affectionately as Brownie. And I thought about how I’m the only person on the planet that prefers the crusty, hard, chewey edges of a brownie, rather than the creamy, sticky center ones.

Clearly, though, I’m not the only odd-ball, since some genius has come up with the “Edge Brownie Pan”, which I now desire, madly. It’s billed for “Edge Lovers” and created by BakersEdge. Kind of love it.

File Under: If I’m the only one I know that likes Edge Brownies, does that mean if I own this special baking pan, that I’d be forced to eat the entire tray?

[Clifford Brown brilliantly does “Oh, Lady Be Good” and “Memories of You”, circle 1955.]

Sock on the mantle? Meh! Try the feet.


Wow, who would have thought I’d be knitting so many socks this winter, since generally speaking, up to this point, I’ve actually taken little to no pleasure in the creation of these toasty feet wonders.

And now, I may say, I’m a semi-convert. I won’t go out on a limb and declare myself full-blown sock knitting craz-o, but I’m pretty darn consistent these days in producing some sleeves for ere feeties.

These beautious purply-brown-orange colorway are a simple stockinette stitch sock with a 1/2-inch 1X1 ribbing, but that’s literally all I can say about them since they were so easy to knit up and I didn’t follow any pattern.

I intend to gift these glorious babies (which fit a small foot more than perfectly…and by small I mean sized 4 or 5) to my Mum, who has little bitty feet like me, though she’s got a good 1/2-inch on me, clocking it at a monsterous 5.5.


File Under: Socks on the mantle, socks on the feet. Whichever you choose.

Meow…a gift-wrapped kitty cat?

I mentioned my future sister-in-law’s own sister had a baby shower this past weekend. She’s meant to be welcoming her first girl, to which I knitted up the Presto Chango Sweater in a soft, pale yellow cotton-wool blend along with some adorable mary jane booties in a similar color which had flecks of pink, orange, and green in them. Alas, I decided a baby loves nothing more than a squishy to hold and suck on…

And so I decided to knit up one of Ysolda’s Stuffies to go along with the entire package, and while I made serious embroidery modifications to the face, it came out adorable. Perfectly sized to fit in a tiny hand, I ultimately wanted this squishy kitty cat all to myself. Alas, I had to give it up…

But I highly recommend making one for any future baby you may encounter.

File Under: Meow. The Girls Aloud would be so proud because this stuffie is such a love machine.

I feel a little bit bored…will someone take me to the pub?


…”Only if you wear this beautiful neck gift…”

Over the holiday break, I took a wee bit of a hiatus from the sock and baby knitting to quickly whip out yet another scarf for gifties. And what I wanted, I got.

Using an “ebony” colorway (which is really just a deep gray bulky yarn with hues of white and black) with an ultra-soft baby alpaca wool, I knitted up this chunky scarf using my obsession of late: the mock brioche rib stitch. And it only took but three days since I used four balls (worked double thick) on size 15 needles.

The photos do not do this scarf justice, but its extra chunky and just the right amount of thickness and remarkbly perfect for a pub scarf in Boston. Drools.

You should make one, too.


Success in fake socktoberfest!


I finally finished both socks! Over the holiday, I got some serious knitting done (after finally completing all things baby I had to do for a baby shower that has since come and gone) and one thing I dedicated much of my time to was getting things off the needles before casting on others.

And I can say, I’m really pleased with the final result of these socks, which got me thinking my November would actually be the Socktoberfest, which hasn’t failed to prove true.

These gifties are a great success, I have to say. Worked in a simple stockinette stitch, I didn’t follow a pattern unfortunately (for fortunately?) but if you want any help with doing something similar or need advice on finger weight yarn or any adapations, by all means let me know.

File Under: Good thing it’s finally Decemember which means there’s a need for these toastie footies.



There are some days when I wish I were back on the piggie. One of those days is today. Especially after I stumbled upon To Be Mrs. Marv’s brilliant blog about variations on the delicious classic Grilled Cheese, which boasted a whole host of strange ingredients together betwixt bread with the constant cheese that sounded marvelous.

But the one that really stole the show was the Gruyere with Bacon, Green Onions, and Tobasco on Sourdough. Um….I just produced so much saliva I think my tongue drowned. Yup.

I’m definitely going to try it sometime. I have to.

For more delicious Grilled Cheese inventions, take a gander. You’ll be hungry!