On a strict diet of seafood? Yes, when I see food, I consume it. I just consume actually food that comes from the sea a bit more voraciously…


Tonight I od’ed on a family special–my old man’s most favorite restaurant, a little no frills seafood joint called The Clam King. Ere Pa adored himself the scallop plate, said they made the best around, and so tonight, I stuffed my face with various fried seafoods (it being my favorite food group), and yum, delish, food coma induced.

I thought it was my New Year resolution to stick to a strict green tea and melba toast diet? Welp, day 2 and I’ve already failed….but can you blame me? The haddock nuggets, lobster roll, and clamettes were calling to me…screaming for my mouth to consume them and my belly to groan…


It’d be swell if my blog turned into a recount of all the fried seafoods I consume. Perhaps it could be called “Land Blubber”, you know, a play on land lubber….?

The onion nuggets….currently barking, swell going down. And because Clam King must serve breakfast (though I’ve never tried it), there were those brilliant little packages of individual servings of Smucker’s jelly on the table–you know apple, grape, marmalade, and strawberry. Shh, don’t tell anyone I stole a whole bunch for my weekend morning toast.


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