I stashed too many things away…


Today I tackled two important New Year’s Resolutions, one of which involved a five hour deep clean of my home, which saw six giant Hefty bags go out for the trash tomorrow filled with old boxes, papers, and library school items I find no point in saving. The paper purge was immense, and desperately needed. Everything has a place now, and is in ridiculous order–I couldn’t feel better. What’s more, my bedroom has become a serene spot, as I finally switched over to my winter down comforter and got rid of bedside table clutter.

The New Year is splendid.

And I’ve decided this year I’m going to desperately try to work at my stash–I have yarns in my shelf (now nicely organized by type, color, and amount) I haven’t even thought about touching since I lived with my Mum three years ago, and that’s just sad and pathetic. That being said, I intend to wholeheartedly find or create patterns for all the skeins feeling neglected, and will absolutely not buy any new yarn unless I buy the perfect amount for a specific project–no impulse with no plan buying

Do you think I can do it?


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One thought on “I stashed too many things away…

  1. I am so low on yarn, this makes me salivate. As does the pic of our empty pint glasses, I think I can take credit for a few of those…

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