The wrath of the grapes? No, the wrath of Jenna….and a few pints, for good measure.


Sorry for all things quiet on the Kraftworkin’ front in so many days–I’ve been spending time avoiding any crafting (a bricitis-angsty shoulder has left me to leave the sticks for a few days in the hopes of speedily diminishing that lovely ache about my arm), mostly taking to catch-up pints with some of my closest friends and keeping my nose squarely in the book. ‘Tis has been relaxing, but included a looong night in reporter-favorite, and home base, J.J. Foley’s, with one of my best friends, Esteban Miguel, and a gaggle of Russian and Argentinian travelers, among others, which anyone who has ever planted squarely in Foley’s for more than 5 hours should know, everyone needs a few quiet days of respite afterward…especially when the night ends with evidence like the below of myself attacking Esteban Miguel. Um, he liked it though?


Yes, yes he did. Look at that face! What’s more, I decided to spend half the evening wearing my brand newly designed and knitted Elfin Pixie Hat, which was a supremo hit that a series of photos certainly showed several other revelers wearing said Pixie Cap. Thus, many fights abounded regarding who would go home with it, but thankfully, it chose to keep things boring and go home with me (and that fake finger mustache I like to make in photos for no apparent reason).


I’ll post the pattern this weekend, promise. I’ve been seriously busy getting back to work and cleaning and seeing to those New Year’s resolutions that I haven’t had time to sit down and write it up. But fear not, soon.

Um, we definitely did well for ourselves, yes?


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