Dusting off my life…

Ah, finally getting back to working with my hands. I’ve been so busy lately I really haven’t had a chance to a leisurely Saturday of baking, knitting, reading and music listening. In fact, my turntable had a thick approximately 1-inch layer of dust on it that would make any OCD-clean freak or music devotee shiver.Continue reading “Dusting off my life…”

Cover up your neck…so Steve Martin will like you with that “head on your shoulders”.

This is the first project I’ve actually sat down to knit in many weeks. Nary any crafting, bread baking, or heck cooking (I’ve been consuming lots and lots of cereal and fruit) has been going on in my neck of the woods, on account of two things: 1. I’m reading way too much, and 2.Continue reading “Cover up your neck…so Steve Martin will like you with that “head on your shoulders”.”

Pray it isn’t going to replicate the Blizzard of ’78…do(n’t) vintage me?

I am currently addicted to this Japanese website which offers users the chance to take any photograph on their computer and “age it”. Instant vintage photos, like the one above, taken just a month back during one of Boston’s biggest storms on the year but looking like it came straight ouf of pre-Storm of ’78Continue reading “Pray it isn’t going to replicate the Blizzard of ’78…do(n’t) vintage me?”

Calling for momo…

As you devoted readers already know, one of my goals this year (resolutions? goals? yes) was to “go green” a bit with my knitting by using up as much of the overload in my stash as possible. And true to form, I have not bought a single skein of yarn thus far this year, andContinue reading “Calling for momo…”

Take a number…

Of course, most crafters tend to have thousands of needles. I’ve used pouches and baskets and old bottles and any old hoo, but have since settled on storing all my needles and hooks and buttons among other assorted notions in those delicious Anthropologie shaving mugs and random glassware I have lying around. But sometimes itContinue reading “Take a number…”

A w-hooping good time?

This post was a request I made to my closest college mate, Jessica “Mim” George, who is a music devotee (blogging sometimes at my other love Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced! and of course here, about cupcakes whatelse?), lover of all things kitsch, street artist, crafter, and of course, hooper. She has recently taken to theContinue reading “A w-hooping good time?”

The wolf eats…

In a moment of weakness or a moment of techy-nerdiness, your humble blogger has joined Twitter. I’ll probably use it to link to stuff on the interwebs I’m reading or blogging about, or friends’ cool schtuff I’d like you to get into, too. So head to my twitter and follow me so I can followContinue reading “The wolf eats…”

Sock one to my heart…take two?

Certainly. I mentioned a bit ago how I finally cast on a new pair of socks…intended for myself and myself only. Welp, after a bunch of inches, they were clearly too small (weep, cry, spit), and instead of just straight away yanking it out and restarting, I decided to let the pain of that oneContinue reading “Sock one to my heart…take two?”

Mozzar-ella..ella…ella…the tomato-basil-cheese version of Rihanna’s hit?

I’ve come up with  little delicious alternative to the standard tomato-fresh mozzarella-basil panini or french baguette. Instead, I made mine avoiding the mealy, flavorless, less than worth the coin vine-ripe tomatoes for the always fresh in winter, juicy grape ones, cut up thin, lengthwise. What’s more, I used this delicious mozzarella made fresh in Bennington,Continue reading “Mozzar-ella..ella…ella…the tomato-basil-cheese version of Rihanna’s hit?”

Who is the brainiac that thought this one up? Oh right, her.

This intensely amazing knitted and crocheted brain is anatomically correct, features a “zip down” middle to unveil the innards of the brain, and includes even the brain stem. Karen Norberg, a psychiatrist who works in Cambridge, Ma., took a year to design, create, and execute this brilliant piece of medical art. You can read allContinue reading “Who is the brainiac that thought this one up? Oh right, her.”

I will “wrestle” you to the ground if you think you’ll keep me out of this place…

Some chilly weekend nights, to cure yourself of the ultimate in “blahsies”, you need comfort foods and comfort friends. And just as I was feeling quite withdrawn and abit doldrumy from the continued freezing weather, ice covered sidwalks, and general “its nearly February in Boston” malaise that comes every year, my brother invited me outContinue reading “I will “wrestle” you to the ground if you think you’ll keep me out of this place…”