Calling for momo…


As you devoted readers already know, one of my goals this year (resolutions? goals? yes) was to “go green” a bit with my knitting by using up as much of the overload in my stash as possible. And true to form, I have not bought a single skein of yarn thus far this year, and we’re nearly to March.

That being said, I recently plucked these two super bulky varigated bundles of wonder out of my stash–handspun in Nepal, they are deliciously bright in hues of orange, hot pink, and even neon green. But what to do with them? A hat? A crazy scarf? A cowl? Something else? I only have two bundles of it, so it can’t be any large project, but I can’t seem to make up my mind about them.

Any suggestions or pattern options out there? What do you guys think I should use it for?

File Under: Calling all help…from as far as Nepal, really? And you can ply me to agree with you if you serve me up a plate of momo.

Published by JRW

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One thought on “Calling for momo…

  1. I love both of these, I vote for a scarf or cowl. I am particularly coveting the orangey one. It works for redheads…just saying….:)

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