Cover up your neck…so Steve Martin will like you with that “head on your shoulders”.


This is the first project I’ve actually sat down to knit in many weeks. Nary any crafting, bread baking, or heck cooking (I’ve been consuming lots and lots of cereal and fruit) has been going on in my neck of the woods, on account of two things: 1. I’m reading way too much, and 2. I’m working way too much.

But I did have time to pull a late-night Thursday to create this “neck scarf” for my Mum’s birthday this week; my Mum, who loves wearing scarves, can get fussy about “how do I drape this?” and thought the neck scarf would be the perfect fixer for the aforementioned fussy problem when she saw the pattern as she thumbed through the latest issue of Marth Stewart Living magazine.

The pattern, which is really simple and takes a couple of hours to knit up, is available here.

I have since gifted it to my Mum at her birthday party last night; she said she wants one in every color, and a matching one for her dog.

File Under: Success. Maybe I should get back to picking up sticks more often?

One response to “Cover up your neck…so Steve Martin will like you with that “head on your shoulders”.”

  1. That “neck scarf” is a delight, in its lovely blue color and jaunty style. Your mom and Sir Winston are going to look very dapper about town in those dandy neck decorations!

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