“Coasted” through this project, for sure…now buy me a cold one, would you?


So, the past couple of day’s I’ve decided to dedicate to wacky colors, stash busting, and crochet. The result? A whole ton of these circles, based on the Hexagonal Blanket over at Attic24 (which I intend to make myself, soon), which I have been drooling over for as many weeks. But, having little time lately to dedicate to a large project, I figured I could adapt these hexagons to smaller circles and create either coasters out of them or in fact darn them together to make a bright, Holly Hobby-inspired scarf of sorts.

Well, after making up the above pictured circles, I took to twitter for feedback: Scarf or coasters? I asked. The results were split straight down the middle, but decided on coasters since I need a good gift for an outing on Friday and thought the intended receiver of the gift would enjoy coasters. Plus, my sister pointed out that in order to (hopefully!) ward off winter weather here in Boston for good, I should cease making anymore scarves. Dully noted.

And so, 12 of these incredibly kitsch circles are now going to be gifted out as “party coasters”. I will let you know how they go over and will certainly keep you posted when I start the actually blanket.