You can “belt me one” for failing to keep this updated?


Photography by Harry S. Cahill

Unfortunately, my knitting projects, inspiration, and the like have been at an utter stalemate…I have been so busy with work and finishing my graduate degree this spring that I’ve seriously lacked the time or the gusto to actually pick up my sticks, complete projects already started, or even think about new ones.

That being said, I’ve been working on creating a brand new website featuring all of my knitting (and of course, new stuff! soon) in a new space. This blog will eventually migrate there as well. If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been so silent, a whole host of my free days this spring were dedicated to tweaking projects I’ve already designed and get them photographed by the lovely photog. extraordinaire Harry S. Cahill, who will take ownership of all the splendid photographs of my knitwear at the site. He was art director, and damned if he isn’t an “artiste”. So if you know him and see him on the streets my Boston readers, tell him so, and buy him a beret. He’ll. love. it.

The above featured knitted lace leaf belt will be a featured item in my design showcase. Conceived little more than two years ago, I’ve been tweaking ideas around this belt for ages, and feel I’m finally nailing down a good, solid pattern for it. The knitted belt, done in a worsted weight merino wool, is meant to be worn with a dress or something funky and is sort of asymmetrical in shape. The lace pattern is delicate enough, but not too whimsy and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

This laced belt is the first one I conceived, and obviously needs a tweak here or there. What do you guys think? Suggestions? Would you wear one of these belts? I’m thinking I might give the pattern away for free, but have as yet decided on that.

So as soon as the website is up and running, expect a redirect link and please do send along some feedback.

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