Sometimes “Grannies” can be quite snuggly…or at least, “come monday night”…

Having of late been absolutely dedicated to finding inspiration for a new afghan (it’s been nearly 4 months since I completed the last one), that inspiration came thanks to the amazing CosmicPluto Knits, who is well on her way with a Giant Granny Square afghan, inspired by the equally exquisite Purl Bee’s traditional Granny Square.Continue reading “Sometimes “Grannies” can be quite snuggly…or at least, “come monday night”…”

Y.A. books are about to become my “other half”…

This summer, as part of my reading agenda, I am feverishly trying to wade my way through the better part of a whole host of new young adult novels and the like which we’ve just received at my library, so that I can provide better recommendations to my students–and based entirely on the fact thatContinue reading “Y.A. books are about to become my “other half”…”

And everyday that I’ve been good…I get an orange after food?

I’ve always had a slight addiction t citrus, but I think it’s increasingly becoming a problem. For the record, the giant (seriously, jumbo!) Naval oranges available in all the markets around these Boston parts of late are so delicious, it’s undeniable. The giant Navals have quite a robust, oft thicker skin than their smaller counterparts,Continue reading “And everyday that I’ve been good…I get an orange after food?”

Inspiration Numero Uno: Don’t Eat ‘Em! Read ‘Em!

As part of a new series here at Kraftworkin’, I will highlight blogs, sites, and the like around the web of a crafting nature…and the first is quite a brilliant little blog called Poison Cupcakes: Don’t Eat ‘Em! And the inspiration behind the knitting blog is even more amazing–because it’s author happens to be anContinue reading “Inspiration Numero Uno: Don’t Eat ‘Em! Read ‘Em!”

“Summer” reading…

I am a self-professed book addict. Back when my job allowed, I’d read on average 2-3 books a week in downtime and while sitting on the night shift. Alas, now I have to squeeze that time in before and after work, a few hours here and there–and most certainly in good measure on Saturdays orContinue reading ““Summer” reading…”

We were definitely in a pickle trying to find late night eats…

Golf claps to Roadhouse, an offshoot of my favorite local watering hole eatery in Washington Square, Publick House. While I’ve always been a bit on the fence about Roadhouse, I am pleased as punch to say they serve a late-night menu to 1:30 a.m., unlike most all other establishments around my house. And damn ifContinue reading “We were definitely in a pickle trying to find late night eats…”

When life gives you…Sir Winston.

A bored corgi is a mischievous corgi. So it happens, when life gives you corgis, you may or may not be subject to certain knitting needles gnarled, chewed–eaten to nothing but little bits of sawdust or maybe a jagged point more conducive to splinter than say, scarf. And this is exactly what happened to theContinue reading “When life gives you…Sir Winston.”

I would want to…I am game.

I adore Lisa Hannigan. Not because she is crafty as hell, but because she makes deliciously sweet tunes (receiving a Track of the Day nod over at my musical love, Pulp and Circumstance Juiced! thanks to contributed Tom Lau of Nerd Rock and My Top Five fame). And of course, her debut record Sea SewContinue reading “I would want to…I am game.”

Mum’s the word? Not when it’s Mum’s Day!

Mum’s day is nearly upon us and I certainly have a lovely Mum but have sincerely lacked time to hop to and work up a homemade gift–her favorite, of course. Enter today, a breezy albeit nice and warm but gray and rainy Boston day and plenty of free time to boot, now that I canContinue reading “Mum’s the word? Not when it’s Mum’s Day!”

Cuddle me up….

Photography by Harry S. Cahill It’s about that time of year again! Last year, crica June, I absolutely gushed over the idea of creating a candy-colored chevron inspired crochet blanket, namely for my bed in order to ditch the down comforter in the wake of warmer climes, and simply because it had been awhile sinceContinue reading “Cuddle me up….”

So close to bliss…

Photography by Harry S. Cahill In just two days time, I will officially be a librarian, as in, I will have completed all requirements for my Master’s of Library and Information Science. Furthermore, we will have just one month until school closes for Summer break in work, meaning our hours of actually foot-stomping library technologyContinue reading “So close to bliss…”