Mum’s the word? Not when it’s Mum’s Day!


Mum’s day is nearly upon us and I certainly have a lovely Mum but have sincerely lacked time to hop to and work up a homemade gift–her favorite, of course.

Enter today, a breezy albeit nice and warm but gray and rainy Boston day and plenty of free time to boot, now that I can officially call myself a librarian and declare here that I have completed all coursework in the quest for my master’s of library and information science. So in honor of it all, I finally picked up a pair of sticks, wandered to my stash, and got on it.

I wanted to make my Mum a triangular style scarf, in a lace weight or cotton yarn, but I couldn’t find inspiration in my stash and realized it would take me waaay to long to complete. I’m definitely going to make her something like the aforementioned soon, but settled on working out a skinny open-work style scarf for her to wear with summery clothes to dress ’em up.

For a whole handful of years I’ve been sitting on three rolls of Borocco’s Boho Colors yarn–the colorway of which doesn’t appear to be continued or currently in stock. It’s golds and hunter/forest greens and limes and yellows…and it looks delicious (pictured above).

I decided to experiment a bit with patterns and thumbed through one of my favorite books for inspiration: The Big Book of Knitting and Stitch Patterns, which provides everything from cables and lace to multiple color panels and traditional stitches. It’s a perfect place to go when you can’t settle on a lace pattern.


After tying a few chevron style patterns, I settled on the Horseshoe on Parade, below. While it probably would be much more bold with a solid yarn, it’s subtle and doesn’t get entirely lost on the gradient colorways.

It’s simple, worked on 8 rows, and the scarf is moving along swimmingly just as the rains descend. I figure I won’t be able to finish it by tomorrow–but at least I’ll have a whole chunk of it done to show my Mum tomorrow.

And it’s been so long since I’ve actually picked up sticks and conceived something, I didn’t know how I’d react. It’s surprisingly inspiring and I can’t wait to start a whole bunch of other projects.

File Under: Mum’s are inspiring.


One response to “Mum’s the word? Not when it’s Mum’s Day!”

  1. […] this is exactly what happened to the lovely ribbon horseshoe parade pattern scarf I began making for my Mum for that special Mum’s …. While making tacos, the sneaky Sir Winston Churchill (who also likes to rip apart bits of paper, […]

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