When life gives you…Sir Winston.


A bored corgi is a mischievous corgi.

So it happens, when life gives you corgis, you may or may not be subject to certain knitting needles gnarled, chewed–eaten to nothing but little bits of sawdust or maybe a jagged point more conducive to splinter than say, scarf.

And this is exactly what happened to the lovely ribbon horseshoe parade pattern scarf I began making for my Mum for that special Mum’s day this weekend. While making tacos, the sneaky Sir Winston Churchill (who also likes to rip apart bits of paper, not just knitting projects) found my project in the works, dragged it to a quiet nesting spot, proceeded to eat, in entirety, one of the needles before pulling apart what I’d already worked on sticks, as well as unraveling every single bit of yarn left on spool.

It was one giant, snarly mess. And surprisingly, I didn’t anger.

File Under: onto a new idea…

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