Sometimes “Grannies” can be quite snuggly…or at least, “come monday night”…


Having of late been absolutely dedicated to finding inspiration for a new afghan (it’s been nearly 4 months since I completed the last one), that inspiration came thanks to the amazing CosmicPluto Knits, who is well on her way with a Giant Granny Square afghan, inspired by the equally exquisite Purl Bee’s traditional Granny Square.

And even though I just started crocheting mine up tonight, I’m already pleased as punch with the progress.


While I’ve clearly got miles and miles to go, I’m so excited to keep on with this project. After creating a few swatches, all with different colorways, I decided to stick to start with a grays to greens and teals theme, which will then lead into reds, mustardy yellows, and beyond. I’m not sure yet if I’ll repeat the colorways as I go and restrict it to a few families or just throw it all out there…I’m letting this one evolve organically.


What do you guys think? I am always looking for suggestions as I mosey through a project. This giant Granny Square concept is so amazing for an afghan, really. Should I make it small, like a throw for a bed to spice up a white comforter or should I make it standard afghan size so it could, say in the summer months, be used as an afghan on a bed?

File Under: I’ve decided to name this the “Come Monday Night” afghan…why? Because I received help with the constant repeat of God Help the Girl, the brilliant new soundtrack for the samely named musical film by Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian fame. Plus, I hope “come monday night” I’ll have a whole bunch more of this done.

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