Y.A. books are about to become my “other half”…


This summer, as part of my reading agenda, I am feverishly trying to wade my way through the better part of a whole host of new young adult novels and the like which we’ve just received at my library, so that I can provide better recommendations to my students–and based entirely on the fact that I have actually read said recommendations and not some silly blurb singing its praise on a blog or book review. Even though I am  a technology instruction sort of librarian rather than an expert in school library collections and the like, kids ask me, too, I think…

That being said, there are so many options, genre-bending feats, and the like–and yes, while there was a good amount of Y.A. when I was growing up, it appears to me the options are expanding and more appealing to adults (hello! I mean, Twilight’s series alone captivated a number of adults I know, and ahem, I’ll admit I read the first one and have just grabbed New Moon from the library thinking I may make it a bedtime book).

So last weekend, on a Twin Peaks marathon bender with my older sister, we got to talking Y.A. books when she mentioned she in fact had, as a tween herself, and still has, The Diary of Laura Palmer, a Twin Peaks books, which I immediately told her I must borrow and gobble up–seeing as I am officially a Twin Peaks freak. Who doesn’t love Log Lady, I ask?

After she scurried to her bookshelf to try and find Laura Palmer’s precious diaries for me, she discovered it nestled betwixt about 15 Y.A. books (minus the saved and cherished complete collection of Anne of Green Gables books, because, well, duuuhhh) hand-selected as keepsakes from her youth of yore. And I borrowed them all.

Many of them are teen girly books about relationships, and they look like easy to breeze in 2 hour kinds of reads, which I can get down with, especially when we are dealing with nostalgia here. And of course, there are the classics, like “A Wrinkle in Time”, too.

What were your favorite reads as a teen? Let’s get a summer reading list going, for nostalgia’s sake…

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One thought on “Y.A. books are about to become my “other half”…

  1. It depends on what teen years you’re talking about, but here are a few that come to mind:

    As a young teenager (12, 13) I remember spending one summer reading through the entire L. M. Montgomery canon with a couple of my close friends. They seemed so utterly romantic and we enjoyed swooning.

    I loved Robin McKinley (still do); also English novelist Michelle Magorian, who wrote two of my favorite “coming of age” novels: Back Home and Not a Swan, which are difficult to find stateside.

    Mid-teens I discovered Anne McCaffrey and the “Elfquest” graphic novels, which at the time seemed scandelously full of steamy sex.

    Also remember reading Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden, which seemed like a sweet story at the time though now it makes me cringe.

    And for the several years before starting college, I obsessed over Pamela Dean’s Tam Lin, which is set in a late-60s/early-70s college campus. I totally thought when I started college I’d get to spend my days around people who quoted shakespeare and took the existence of fae seriously.

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