No, it’s not knitting a ‘raspberry beret’…still, I think I love her…


It’s been quite some time since I took to the kitchen and baked. Sure, I’ve experimented quite a bit with regular ol’ meals–but nothing in the way of sweet treats. And for some reason today, while purusing cooking blogs, figured it was high time I hit the mixing bowls and measures.

And wow was it a success.

Originally thinking I might try out a really intriguing version of the snicker doodle cookie, the blondie bar by My Baking Addiction, and while I fully intend on baking these, say, this weekend, I settled on an absolutely mouthwatering Raspberry Buttermilk Cake by The Smitten Kitchen, one of my favorite cooking blogs ever.


The recipe was as simple as can be. The cake turned out absolutely moist and the batter is brilliantly subtle and not sweet, giving the raspberries ample opportunity to flex their sweet and tart inside your mouth; what’s more, they’ve become hot, bloated and nearly smoosh in the oven, making them so rich.

This is honestly one of the most delicious coffee style cakes I’ve ever made. The dusting of sugar ontop the raspberries before baking creates this slight crunch–but its so much more intriguing and suble than a cobbler crunch.

I love. love. love. this cake. I will make it for everyone I know. And we can eat it together over copious cups o’ coffee because this is absolutely perfect for such occasions. Swooning commence.


4 responses to “No, it’s not knitting a ‘raspberry beret’…still, I think I love her…”

    1. come visit. i make for you.

  1. mixing bowl. where from?

  2. umm…the giant one with the pour spout i assume? my mum was invited to her first–and last–tupperware type party and this was the only thing she purchased…from the pampered chef i believe. came with a cover for microwaving, but the cover was cracked on arrival and my mum fought on the phone with them for quite awhile until i told her i did not, in fact, need the cover, and to let it go. she had a hard time letting it go.

    needless to say, that was way to much information in regards to your question: the pampered chef.

    ill bet you can get them anywhere, however.

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